Pentair Minimax Plus Potentiometer, Millivolt, 471678

No.18 Image 471678 Potentiometer, Millivolt models. Used on Pentair Purex Minimax Plus and Minimax CH Pool Heaters. A potentiometer is the name for an electronic thermostat. This one includes a small circuit board, stem and 2 orange wires. Knob is sold separately, see pn 470184. Electronic models of Minimax Plus heaters and PowerMax heaters, with IID and electronic thermostats, use an alternate Potentiometer, see pn 070273. 471678 and other Pentair Purex Minimax parts are on schematic
Pentair Minimax Plus Potentiometer, Millivolt, 471678
Manufacturer#: 471678
Item#: ZPEN0206
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