Pentair Tagelus Swimming Pool Filter

Start with Tagelus®, a sand filter that's been a leader for years.

Combine it with an efficient pump and the result is a filtration and circulation system engineered to provide superior performance, longevity, and lifetime value.

Tagelus fiberglass sand filters remove particles large and small. 

So small that many are undetectable by the human eye, but in quantity make water cloudy.

The reason thousands of Tagelus filters have been installed by pool professionals worldwide is their consistency of performance over time.

Plus, they go about their work without making work for you.

Our unique process creates a one-piece, fiberglass reinforced tank with superior strength and durability.

An easy-to-operate six-position multiport valve, and proven sand filtration technology make the Tagelus Sand Filter an excellent choice for efficient pool cleaning.

The Tagelus also features a large, easy-to-access drain for fast, easy winterizing

    Pentair TA-40D Tagelus Swimming Pool Filter - 1.8 Sq. Ft.
    Manuf#: 144126
    Please call for a quote
    Pentair TA-50D Tagelus Swimming Pool Filter - 2.3 Sq. Ft
    Manuf#: 144127
    Please call for a quote
    Pentair TA-100D Tagelus Swimming Pool Filter - 4.9 Sq. Ft *Truck Freight Only!
    Manuf#: 145240
    Please call for a quote
    Pentair TA-60D Tagelus Swimming Pool Filter - 3.1 Sq. Ft
    Manuf#: 145241
    Please call for a quote



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    • 360° diffuser keeps sand bed flat for longer filter cycles, and makes plumbing installation of this filter quite easy.
    • Special lateral design provides superior flow characteristics and long filter cycles for economical operation
    • Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi
    • Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy
    • 40, 50, and 60D models standard with plastic clamp
    • 1 Year Warranty




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    Model No. Flow Rate All Sand Required Weight Turnover Capacity (Gallons)
    8 hrs. 10 hrs. 12 hrs.
    TA 40D 40 GPM 175 Lbs 24 Lbs 19,200 24,000 28,800
    TA 50D 50 GPM 225 Lbs 28 Lbs 24,000 30,000 36,000
    TA 60D 60 GPM 325 Lbs 30 Lbs 28,800 36,000 43,200
    TA 100D 100 GPM 600 Lbs 47 Lbs 48,000 60,000 72,000

    Dimensions Table

    tagelus filter dimensions
    Model Tank Diameter Filtration Area A Dim. B Dim. C Dim.
    TA 40D 19.5 in. 1.8 ft2 47.0 in. 37.00 in. 19.5 in.
    TA 50D 21.5 in. 2.3 ft2 51.5 in. 39.50 in. 21.5 in.
    TA 60D 24.5 in. 3.1 ft2 57.0 in. 42.50 in. 24.5 in.
    TA 100D 30.5 in. 4.9 ft2 65.5 in. 47.25 in. 30.5 in.


    Swimming Pool Filter Sand and ZeoSand™ Sand Alternative

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