Pentair Washer, .890 O.D. .430 I.D. .164 - 53004800Z

No. 32 Image Shown Above 53004800 - 53004800Z - Washer, .890 O.D., .430 I.D., .164, 2 Req'd Used on Pac Fab (Pentair) Filter Series Replacement PartsPac Fab, American, Purex is manufactured by Pentair Pool products, Pentair Water pool and spa and Sta-Rite a common name in pool filter parts. The schematic diagram of filter parts, Pentair pool filter parts, Pentair Products, Pentair filter parts and spares (spare filter parts) are listed. Always low prices and fast shipping. Discount Pac Fab (Pentair) Sand Dollar, Superflow S.S., Tagelus, Triton II, Turbo, Star, FNS, FNS Plus, Nautilus, Mitra, Mytilus swimming pool filter parts and other swimming pool filter parts are always in stock and available.Back To Pac Fab (Pentair) Nautilus Stainless Steel D.E. NS24 / NS36 / NS48 / NS60 / NS72 Series Replacement Parts
Pentair Washer, .890 O.D. .430 I.D. .164 - 53004800Z
Manufacturer#: 53004800
Item#: ZPEN6214
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