Phree and Clear Water Balancing Tabs - 10 Lbs

PHree & Clear features a patented formulation that adjusts the alkalinity and pH of your pool water, and clarifies - all in one step! Simply by adding pHree & Clear to your pool water along with your pool sanitizer you will eliminate pH bounce which will help protect your pool equipment from corrosion, enhance filtration, and improves the sanitizer's performance. Take the hassle out of pool maintenance with Phree & Clear water balancer!

Use: One 8 oz. pHree & Clear Tablet for each 3 in chlorine tablet or stick, or two 8 oz. pHree & Clear Tablets for every seven 1 in chlorine tablets or bromine tablets used.

Phree and Clear Water Balancing Tabs - 10 Lbs
Manufacturer#: 3185010040CD
Item#: Y6915



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    • Patented formulation adjusts alkalinity and pH, and clarifies pool water in one step.
    • Add with your pool sanitizer to eliminate pH bounce and prevent corrosion of your pool surfaces, fittings, and equipment.
    • Enhances filtration and improves sanitizer performance.
    • Balance pool water easily and conveniently with water balancing pHree and Clear Tablets.
    • PHree and Clear simplifies pool maintenance.
    • Reduces the number of different chemicals required to maintain and balance pool water.

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