Pocket Pool Cover Drain Kit

Eliminate the need for a separate cover pump and make pool opening a breeze with the Pocket Pool Cover Drain Kit. The Pocket Pool Cover Drain Kit is designed to work on any solid winter pool cover so you can prevent water accumulations on your pool cover, prolonging your cover’s life as well as making it easier to be removed as soon as you are ready to open your pool. The Pocket Pool Cover Drain Kit features a dual filter screen that will not clog, and a rubber hose that will not kink.

The Pocket Pool Cover Drain Kit is easy to install and use – just attach its heavy duty rubber hose to your pool’s return and see the water drain while leaves and debris are left to be blown away or easily vacuumed.

Pocket Pool Cover Drain Kit
Manufacturer#: 179203
Item#: W4970



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    • Makes pool opening fast and easy
    • Eliminates need for a cover pump
    • Works on solid pool covers
    • No need for electrical cords
    • Drains pool cover completely
    • No more wet leaves and puddles
    • Dual filter screen does not clog
    • Heavy duty hose resists kinks
    • Simple to install and use

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