Polaris 9100 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9100 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Introducing the new Polaris 9100 robotic pool cleaner by Zodiac!

The Polaris 9100 compact robotic pool cleaner combines vortex vacuum technology and innovative performance to thoroughly clean your pool floor and cove up to 40 feet.

This premium pool cleaner features a new light-weight design and will capture 4 times the debris of other cleaners. Let the Polaris 9100 pool cleaner do this work for you!


  • For in-ground pools
  • Will clean pool floor and cove
  • Vortex vacuum technology
  • Light-weight, only 13 lbs
  • Top filter canister access
  • Rear water propulsion system
  • Pool floor and cove cleaning area
  • One 2 hour cleaning cycle
  • Pleated scrubbing brush
  • 2 year warranty


Polaris 9100 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Manufacturer#: F9100
Item#: E1511

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    Receive a $200 Manufacturer's Rebate when you purchase a
    POLARIS 9100 Sport! Rebate Restrictions apply.

    Polaris 9100 Sport Rebate Form

    Polaris 9100 Sport Rebate Form

    • Consumers who spend $599 or more on a P9100 Robotic Cleaner will receive a $200 Consumer Rebate
    • Valid Dates for the promotion are May 1st - June 30th, 2013
    • Any discount applied that makes the final price below $599 will void rebate.

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