Polaris Caretaker Rebuild Kit - Gould - 5-9-2002

5-9-2002 Caretaker Rebuild Kit - Gould SystemGould Rebuild Kit Includesmpeller Cam. Assy., 1 Large O-RingPolaris Caretaker is the original in-floor pool and spa cleaning system that uses the pressure of clean water to provide circulation benefits, and maintenancecost savings.When the system is on, water is directed by the Caretaker automatic valve to the cleaning heads. In approximately one hour, all cleaning heads in all banks are activated, with each head cleaning a full360-degree radius.In one hour, a Caretaker System circulates clean water throughout the entire pool. Every section of your pool receives an even distribution of chemicals and heat that prevents algae growth and eliminatescold spots.
Polaris Caretaker Rebuild Kit - Gould - 5-9-2002
Manufacturer#: 5-9-2002
Item#: ZZOD5188
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