Polaris Halcyon PB4-60Q Quiet Booster Pump

Polaris Halcyon PB4-60Q Quiet Booster Pump

The Polaris Halcyon Booster Pump enhances the efficiency of your Polaris automatic pool cleaner and helps save you time and money. With its durable components and an adjustable volute, the Polaris Halcyon Booster Pump is easy to install and operate. The Polaris Halcyon Booster Pump features a band clamp design, quiet operation, leak protection, easy 90 degree twist & pull shaft, and wing-nut style drain plug that does not require any tools.


  • Durable, easy-to-use mechanics
  • 360 degree adjustable volute
  • Wing-nut style drain plug
  • Built-in seal for quick installation
  • 28% quieter operation
  • ¾ Horsepower
  • 120/240 VAC


Polaris Halcyon PB4-60Q Quiet Booster Pump
Manufacturer#: PB4-60Q
Item#: E1527



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    More Features:

    • Dimensions:15" x 9.5" wide x 11.5" tall
    • Motor: 3/4HP, 60 cycle
    • Power Supply:120/240 VAC
    • 28% quieteroperation
    • Full 360° volute adjustability
    • Band clampdesign makes flute rotation and removal easy with no toolsrequired
    • Wing-nutstyle drain plug requires no tools or silicone
    • Redesignedcomponents and simplified mechanics make it easier to install andto service
    • Seal isdesigned in units that press together for quick installation andeasy replacement, no silicone or special tools required.
    • Patenteddesign provides extra leak protection for the bearings.
    • Easy,90-degree twist and pull shaft end cap releases with the simpleturn of a wrench


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