Pole Pivot - Pole End Angle Connector

Pole Pivot has a rugged push-button release mechanism that can pivot and lock any net,brush or vac-head from straight-out into desired 22.5 degree increments to a full 90 degrees.

Cleaning debris from the pool floor is now quicker and easier. Just click Pole Pivot to its 22.5-degree position, attach your Vacuum Head and then just turn the pole clockwise or counter clockwise to steer right or left.
No more straining and pushing the pole sideways to direct the vac head toward debris!

With its flared hole guides, easily connect your favorite net or brush quickly with no pinched fingers!Leave Pole Pivot connected to your pole so you can quickly attach use any tool, at desired angle, at any time.

Pole Pivot - Pole End Angle Connector
Item#: A1660
No Longer Available
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