Pool Concrete Deck & Cantilever Edge Repair Kit

Our Concrete Deck and Cantilever Edge Repair kit is just the right mixture to repair cantilever edges, cracks, chips, etc. on concrete pool decks. Gray concrete color. 10 lb. kits (50 lb kit can be special ordered).

The EZ Patch concrete deck and cantilever deck repair kit contains bonding agent in a separate bottle in the container. Just mix, add some water and mix until you get a spreadable mix. Smooth this over areas where your pool deck is spalling, or use to fill pool deck cracks, or repair the broken edges of a Cantilever Deck

How to:
Remove loose pieces and scrub area with water and brush using a small amount of powered laundry soap. Rinse and allow to dry until slightly damp. Add 2 oz. of liquid cement bonder per 1-1/2 lb. of EZ patch 6. Mix until the consistency is like mashed potatoes and apply with a trowel to cracks, or repair area. Smooth with a moist sponge and allow to dry overnight.

    E-Z Patch® 6 Concrete Deck and Cantilever Edge Repair - 10 lb
    Manuf#: EZP-153
    $119.99 Qty.



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    (See video for pool deck or cantilever deck repair surface prep, application and curing instructions).

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