Pool Coping Stone Repair Kit

Cracked or broken coping stones take a lot of time to replace (if you can locate them!). EZ Patch 5 Coping Stone Repair kit instructions show you how to repair cracks, chips, or large missing chunks as well as how to match the pool coping texture.  It comes in 3 or 10 lb. kits (50 lb kit can be special ordered).

View our pool coping stone repair videos to see how easy it is to fix broken pool coping stones with EZ Patch 5 Pool Coping Stone Repair. 

    EZ Patch® 5 Coping Stone Repair Kit - 3 LB
    Manuf#: EZP-147
    $29.99 Qty.
    E-Z Patch® 5 White Coping Stone Repair - 10 lb.
    Manuf#: EZP-148
    $64.99 Qty.

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