Pool Cover Cleaner

Natural Chemistry's Spray-on Cover Cleaner is a natural, environmentally safe cleaner. Using the power of enzymes, it breaks down organic contaminates that build up and soil pool covers. Saves time and excessive scrubbing! Spray-on cover cleaner is not pH sensitive, does not affect pool water pH and does not contain dyes or artificial coloring.


  • Powerful combination of natural enzymes and citrus based degreasers is more effective than any other cleaner on the market.
  • Hose-end sprayer makes for the most effective application...goes on in minutes!
  • Works safely on all types of covers;mesh,solid,solar and even auto covers.
  • Will not affect pool chemistry, spray-on mesh covers while they are still on the pool!
  • Works great on decks and patio furniture.
  • Simply spray it on and walk away


Natural Chemistry Spray-On Cover Cleaner
Manuf#: 177
Item#: Y5952
Natural Chemistry Spray-On Cover Cleaner - Two 1-Quart Bottles
Item#: Y5954
No Longer Available

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