Pool Deck Repair Kit

For repair of cement/sand textured surfaces, including Mortex's Kool Deck ®, that are spalling, cracking or de-laminating. Simply mix and apply. Sand Buff color only.

3 & 10 lb kit (50 lb kits can be special ordered) See the online training video to show yourself how to make your own repairs. Our E-Z Patch Pool Deck Repair Kit couldn't be easier to use. All you need is a trowel and some dry weather to repair your own deck surface.

E-Z Patch® 2 Pool Deck Repair - 3 lb
Manuf#: EZP-011
Item#: A7835
E-Z Patch® 2 Pool Deck Repair - 10 lb
Manuf#: EZP-012
Item#: A7840
E-Z Patch® 2 Pool Deck Repair - 50 lb
Manuf#: EZP-013
Item#: A9949
No Longer Available

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The EZ Patch Pool Deck Repair Kit contains bonding agent in a separate bottle in the container. Just mix, add some water and mix until you get a spreadable mix. Smooth this over areas of delamination, or use to fill the cracks in your deck.

. (See video for pool deck surface prep, application and curing   instructions).

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