Pool Magic + PHOSfree

Pool Magic Spring + Phos Free is a natural swimming pool treatment that is much less harsh than other chemical formulas. With this product, your pool surfaces, covers, and liners are protected from staining and bleaching while you get to enjoy the clearest, most comfortable swimming water possible. This unique formula combines Natural Chemistry's patented natural enzyme formula with their ultra-effective Phos Free phosphates removal chemical.



  • Prevent phosphate build up
  • Enjoy a quick spring start up
  • Maintain low phosphate levels throughout the fall and winter
  • Prevent rings and scum lines
Pool Magic + PHOSfree
Manufacturer#: 5141
Item#: Y5950
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More Features

  • Add to your pool skimmer 2 weeks before closing and see clean, clear water in the spring
  • Pool Magic uses natural enzymes to break down organic material and prevent phosphate build up
  • Pool Magic also protects pool liners and surfaces
  • Enjoy soft, comfortable swimming water

Need help cleaning up your pool?

Check out this Phospate Removal Worksheet!

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