Pool Pouch Organizer

Pool Pouch Organizer

Made from a strong, stretchy, durable and lightweight material, with mesh sides, The Pool Pouch Organizer is an ultimate accessory that every pool owner would like to invest in.

With The Pool Pouch Organizer, you can organize all your poolside accessories like rafts, beach balls, floats, goggles, inflatable toys, and put them in one handy place.

The Pool Pouch Organizer helps you eliminate clutter around your pool or deck and helps store your water toys and accessories neatly. The Pool Pouch is versatile enough so you can also use it in playrooms, kids’ rooms, or bring it along on vacations or visits to the beach.

Pool Pouch Organizer
Manufacturer#: POUCH812
Item#: A1990



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    • Stores and transports water toys easily
    • Eliminates pool side clutter
    • Made of durable, lightweight mesh material
    • Conveniently hangs on the side of solid side pools, indoor or outdoor walls, fences, gates, etc.
    • Convenient handles for ease of transport
    • Folds and expands based on your needs
    • Measures 60" W x 30" H x 12" D

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