Pool Shot Junior Varsity Basketball Game System

Deluxe Varsity Basketball Game System!

The idea that set the standard for sophisticated water basketball. The patented Pool Shot Varsity is a fun-filled, no-hassle dream for recreation managers operating municipal pools, community centers, YMCA's, health clubs, luxury resorts, cruise ships and other locations where the action is extreme and the budget extremely low.

The Varsity Basketball game has a much larger backboard and rim dimension. Varsity backboard measures 42" x 43", with a regulation size, 18" diameter rim or hoop.

Both the Pool Shot Varsity and the Junior Varsity Basketball games are the best made pool basketball games that we sell.

Pool Shot Varsity Basketball Game System
Manuf#: PSL-100
Item#: T3150
Pool Shot Junior Varsity Basketball Game System
Manuf#: PSM-100
Item#: T3155
No Longer Available

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PoolShot Junior Varsity pool basketball system by PoolShot, inc.

Patented construction of rugged UV treated polyethylene, this is the only backboard system with wings for simple ball return to the pool.Water fill base for deck side portability and easy drainage of 400 lb water weight. All Pool Shot products are heavy gauge thermoplastic.15" galvanized rim positioned 27" above the pool deck.Stainless steel hardware and 2 vinyl water basketballs included.5 year limited OEM (Pool Shot) warranty.

Patented Design

Never climb out of the pool to chase air balls again! Thanks to Pool Shot's signature winged backboard, the patented design captures errant shots from mid-air and not only keeps them from flying out of the pool, but also returns them towards the shooter. With angled wings under the hoop and on both sides, it's like having legendary rebounders Dennis Rodman and Bill Russell on the team! You can even do trick shots off the wings, hit the right spot and swoosh…two points!

Safe and Easy

The Varsity virtually anchors to the deck (no drilling or mounting at all!) with a high capacity, portable base. When filled with up to 50 gallons of water (or sand), the rugged, rotationally molded plastic base creates a highly stable platform that remains in place during the most aggressive play. The base is immune to rain, snow, extreme weather conditions and sunlight and can be left outside year-round. Or, empty the water and it's an easy move into the storage shed.


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