Poolcenter Chemical Start-Up Kits

Poolcenter Chemical Start-Up Kits

Enjoy a straightforward and hassle-free spring pool opening with swimming pool start up chemical kits from Poolcenter.com. Containing all the pool startup chemicals that you will need in one convenient package, our swimming pool chemical kits take the guesswork out of preparing your pool for the swimming season.

    Basic Start-Up Kit - 7,500 Gallon Kit
    $19.99 Qty.
    Deluxe Start-Up Kit - 15,000 Gallon Kit
    Now $27.99 was $34.99 Qty.
    Super Start-Up Kit - 30,000 Gallon Kit
    Now $37.59 was $46.99 Qty.



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    Available in 3 kits: 7,500 gallon, 15,000 gallon or 30,000 gallon pool start-up kit.

    Our spring start-up kits contain everything you need to open your swimming pool. We've pre-formulated and pre-measured each kit to fit your pool size. All you have to do is pour each product into the pool as instructed.

    These are the chemicals in each kit:

    • Stain, Rust & Scale Preventer - eliminates unsightly stains caused by minerals and is ideal for areas with heavy iron content in water.
    • Algaecide (non-metallic) - kills and prevents algae blooms without staining your pool.
    • Chlorine Shock - will give your pool an extra boost of fighting power to eradicate the bacteria and other contaminants that have accumulated in your pool over the winter.
    • Clarifier - coagulates fine dirt and debris to enhance filtration results.
    • Sun Sorb - absorbs oils and lotions from the pool water.

    Each kit comes complete with pool opening instructions, Choose the kit that best fits your pool size (see contents). Remember that the liquids in each kit have been concentrated for a single dosage in your pool size.


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