Poolcenter Granular Filter Cleaner

Our Granular Filter Cleaner is a highly concentrated formula that compares in strength to GLB® and Filter Cleanse®. Granular Filter Cleaner's high strength formula removes scale, rust, hair and oils from D.E. grids, sand beds and spa cartridge filters and prevents caked sand beds and water channeling.

This product is simple to use- you get a clean filter in just three easy steps.Pre-mix Granular Filter Cleaner with warm water, soak filter for 24 hours, then rinse thoroughly. Our Granular Filter Cleaner is designed with keeping your convenience in mind so our unique formula changes color to indicate that you have a clean filter. It is recommended to clean your filter each spring and fall for best performance.

Poolcenter Granular Filter Cleaner - 2lbs
Item#: Y4600
Granular Filter Cleaner - 4 x 2 lb.
Item#: Y4610
Granular Filter Cleaner - 12 x 2 lb.
Item#: Y4620

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