Poolguard Alarm with Smartchip

Keep your small children and pets protected with a swimming pool alarm. If your child falls into the pool, a pool alarm can save their life. Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe.

The Poolguard Pool Alarm has been on the market since 1982 and is made in the USA. Poolguard is completely portable and comes with an in house remote receiver. Using a Poolguard Pool Alarm is the perfect way to keep children safe and keep intruders away.

Entry into the pool is detected by the unit's electronic sensor and sets off a loud, pulsating alarm, both in the home and at the pool. The Model PGRM-2 introduces "Negative Displacement Technology", a new sensing method that requires no adjustments. Safe, simple, and easy to operate, the 9-volt battery powered alarm does not require tie-downs, ropes, or wires.

Poolguard Alarm with Smartchip
Manufacturer#: PGRM-2
Item#: A5610



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    • Designed for in-ground swimming pools
    • Sturdy, dependable unit rests on pool's edge. For pools up to 800 ft
    • Senses water displacement if an object over 15 lbs. falls in pool.
    • 85 decibel pool alarm sounds at pool and in the home at the same time.
    • Automatically resets after 5 minutes of alarming.
    • Convenient carrying handle.
    • Meets all ASTM safety standards for pool alarms: ASTM-F 2208.
    • Comes with a three-year warranty.
    • Uses one 9-volt battery (not included) - battery life is approximately 1 year.
    • Has a complete functional test feature every time it is installed in the pool.
    • Comes with a remote receiver which sounds an alarm inside the home.
    • Remote Receiver comes with a 9-volt power supply or it can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet.
    • Range of the Remote Receiver is up to 200 feet from the Pool Alarm.
    • Can be used with a solar blanket or winter cover and pool cleaners will not set off the alarm.
    • PGRM2 has a depth of 11" from the bottom where it rests on the pool's edge, to the bottom of the portion that is under water.

    Notice: Manufacturer recommends deck strilling for maximum stability; although drilling is optional. Pin may be removed to avoid drilling. The PGRM-2 operated on 110V, 60 hz.

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