Portable Ice Groomers

Keep your ice rink smooth and safe with a Portable Ice Groomer. Lightweight and portable, each Ice Groomer features a powder coated steel frame and durable smoothing mat. This is the perfect tool for your backyard hockey rink.

This ice groomer is designed to work with a regular garden hose. It's almost like having your own mini zamboni. The perfect maintenance tool for your backyard rink. Just attach your garden hose to the unit, open the valve on your Ice Groomer and you are ready for professional ice maintenance.


  • Creates smooth surface
  • Powder coat baked on paint finish
  • Fills cracks
  • Shut off 1/2 inch PVC ball valve
  • Saves water
  • Resurfacing mat
  • Main fram - 1/2 inch steel tubing
  • Handle - 1/2 inch x 30 inch steel pipe and foam handlegrip
  • 8 inch long hose with garden hose fittings


    32 Inch Portable Ice Groomer
    Manuf#: P4203
    No Longer Available
    52 Inch Portable Ice Groomer
    Manuf#: P4204
    No Longer Available
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