Protecta Spa Cover

Your spa and the spa cabinet can fade, crack, and stain due to the damaging effects of weather and changing seasons. Rain, snow, ice, sun, dirt, and debris all contribute to the aging of your spa exterior and make it look decrepit.

The Protecta-Spa Cover protects your spa and the spa cabinet from the damaging effects of outdoor weather and helps prolong their life. Protecta-Spa Cover is made of super-tough triple-ply woven polyethylene, and prevents fading, tearing, staining, and cracking on your spa surfaces.

The Protecta-Spa Cover features an easy-access vent, Velcro closures for a secure fit, 38” skirt, and includes 1-year full manufacturer’s warranty.

    Protecta Spa Cover 85 x 85 inches
    Manuf#: W4192
    Now $85.49 was $94.99 Qty.
    Protecta Spa Cover 92 x 92 inches
    Manuf#: W4194
    Now $94.49 was $104.99 Qty.
    Protecta Spa Cover 100 x 100 inches
    Manuf#: W4196
    Now $98.99 was $109.99 Qty.
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