Protektor Auxiliary Entrapment Protection Kit

Protektor Auxiliary Entrapment Protection Kit

The revolutionary vacuum release system that is a must for all swimming pools, wading pools and spa drains, the ProtektorTM prevents hair, limb and mechanical suction entrapment, and help keep swimmers safe.

Made from high impact, UV resistant PVC, the ProtektorTM helps minimize the hazard(s) due to DHDF (Differential Hold Down Forces) of incorrectly installed suction outlet systems and diverts the flow of water into multiple levels avoiding the formation of a vortex allowing water to flow safely and return to the pump via the main drain.


  • For residential/commercial pools and spas
  • Helps eliminate entrapment in the suction piping
  • Provides immediate diversion of vacuum force
  • Provides multi-directional vacuum draw within the sump
  • Works on 1.5 and 2 inch plumbing

Protektor Auxiliary Entrapment Protection Kit
Manufacturer#: PSD100
Item#: E2500
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