Raypak D-2 Power Vent

Raypak D-2 Power Vent


  • Certified - The D-2 Power Vent assembly is tested and certified to the latest edition of the American National Standard ANSI Z21.56 for swimming pool heaters
  • Through the Wall Capable - The D-2 Power Vent assembly is a Category III mechanical draft venting system that operates with a positive vent static pressure and with a vent gas temperature that avoids excessive condensate production in the vent. All sizes are capable of relieving flue gases up to a maximum of 100 equivalent feet of vent length. All models have a standard 4" diameter exhaust connection.
  • Multi- Position - Using the supplied adjustable 90° elbow, the flue gases may be discharged in any direction (see D-2 Vent manual for details). Or simply remove the elbow for vertical venting.
  • Dual Voltage Induced Draft Blower (120/240 Volt)-Factory set for 240 volts. Can be rewired in the field for 120v operation
  • Safety at its Best - The D-2 Power Vent is equipped with a draft proving switch. This switch ensures that the blower is operating before operating your swimming pool heater. It is also equipped with a solid state control that allows the blower to purge any residual gas buildup in the heater and after the heater has shut down.


Raypak D-2 Power Vent Dimensions

Raypak D-2 Power Vent Dimensions
Raypak D-2 Power Vent Dimensions

Raypak D-2 Power Vent
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