Raypak SpaPak Electric Spa Heaters

Raypak brings over 50 years of heater experience to their SpaPak line of home spa heaters. These dependable electric heaters are the ideal choice for spa owners who don't want to deal with the hassle of propane or natural gas storage and refueling. The SpaPak is always ready to go with the flip of a switch to provide soothing heat for your spa or hot tub.

Rapak's SpaPak sets the standard for performance!

Longer Life

All the waterways of the SpaPak are made of non-corroding copper and bronze keeping your spa rust stain free. The large heating element is made of heavy duty incoloy (iron-nickel-chromium alloy) that resists oxidization and carbonization at very high temperatures, as well as the scaling that can occur due to spa water chemistry. All together this means that the integral systems of the SpaPak will last for a long time!


Raypak SpaPak 5.5 kW Electric Spa Heater - MODEL 552
Manuf#: 1642
Item#: E6098
Raypak SpaPak 11 kW Electric Spa Heater - MODEL 1102
Manuf#: 1640
Item#: E6100

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Trouble Free

The extra quality and safety built into the Raypak SpaPak heater really makes a difference! SpaPak comes equipped with a pressure switch to prevent the unit from operating without water. A high limit temperature control prevents overheating. These features would be useless with a high-quality thermostat and contactor - take one look at the heavy duty contactor inside SpaPak and you will know this heater is built to last! Plus, every Raypak electric spa heater is tested before packaging ensure that it will work right out of the box.

Easy to Install

The SpaPak's compact design makes it easy to fit into a brand new or an already existing spa installation. Standard 1 1/2 inch NPT male connections on the SpaPak's inlets and outlets are easy to plumb to and conveniently located. Electrical system operates off of 240 volts single phase and does not require an external current leak protector.

To top it all off the Raypak SpaPak comes with a two-year limited warranty on parts and workmanship for additional peace of mind.



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SpaPak Electric Spa Heater Dimensions

dimensions drawing of the raypak spapak electric spa heater
552 18,767 3 7/8" 16" 8" 23 30
1102 37,534 10 7/8" 23" 15" 46 60


MODEL Water Temperature Rise in �F / Hour
10° 15° 20° 25°
Gallons of Water
552 450 225 150 113 95
1102 900 450 300 225 190


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