Reliant Salt Chlorinator

The name says it all – Reliant system is not only reliable but also very affordable and efficient. Designed to sanitize your water to the maximum, Reliant uses a small amount of salt that is converted into chlorine in order to kill contaminants and keep your pool water sparkling and crystal clear at all times.

Notable features of Reliant Salt Water Generator includes a user-friendly wall mountable controller which connects to a cell that plumbs to your return line, advanced electronic technology with robust cell construction, power supply with LED icons for ease of use and maximum efficiency, cells with commercial grade titanium plates, and extra thick housing able to withstand over 100 psi pressures so it is reliable and safe. Reliant works in extreme environmental temperatures, and is available in 3 models - 15k gallons (0.75 lbs. /24 hours), 25K gallons (1.15 lbs. /24 hours), and 40K gallons (1.65 lbs. /24 hours).

Reliant Salt Chlorinator - 15K
Manuf#: CLG115A
Item#: A2354
Reliant Salt Chlorinator - 25K
Manuf#: CLG125A
Item#: A2356
No Longer Available
Reliant Salt Chlorinator - 40K
Manuf#: CLG140A
Item#: A2358

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  • Dependable and economical sanitization
  • Top of the line components
  • 8 levels of chlorine production
  • 24 hour super chlorination function
  • Smallest number of switching parts
  • Easy push-button icons with LED indicators
  • Wide salinity ranges 2000-6000 ppm
  • Works on 115V and 230V systems
  • Flow and temperature sensor
  • Resists power surges
  • Transferable 3 year limited manufacturer warranty
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