Replacement Test Kit Reagents

Replacement Test Kit Reagents

Regularly monitor your swimming pool water to keep it balanced and clean.  These quality replacement test kit reagents are for testing your swimming pool alkalinity with your pool test kit.  Replace your test kit reagent solutions annually to be certain of accurate water test results.

Swimline Replacement Water Testing Reagents #1-5

Swimline reagent replacement kit. Includes solutions #1-5 for 4-Way water test kit.  Contains 1 oz. bottles of reagent #1 (Chlorine), #2 (pH). #3 (Acid and Alkalinity), and 1/2 oz. bottles of reagents #4 (ChlorineNeutralizer) and #5 (Total Alkalinity).

As pool owner/ maintenance provider, you know that the most importantaspect of keeping pool water sparkling clean and healthy is bymaintaining the correct balance of chemicals in thewater.

    # 4 Chlorine Neutralizer Test Solution - 1/2 oz
    Manuf#: R161204
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