Rolachem Plastic Hose Clamp #32 - 525114

525114Plastic Hose Clamp #32 Used on Rola-Chem Chemical Feeder PartsThe Rola-Chen Pro Series Peristaltic pumps deliver professional quality as well as features that make operation and maintenance simple. The quality is easily seen in the Pro Series™ durable plastic construction that is resistant to swimming pool, spa and hot tub chemicals. Rola Chem produce a range of dosing pumps for automatic liquid chlorine or acid dosing to make looking after your pool easier. These dosing pumps are designed for pools up to 150,000L. Ask us for information on other Rola Chem products for larger pools. Always low prices and fast shipping. Discount swimming pool Chlorinator parts and other swimming pool Chemical Feeder parts are always in stock and available.Back To Rola-Chem Chlorinator RC-25 (Interrupter Model) Feeder PartsBack To Rola-Chem Chlorinator RC-50, RC-100 (Interrupter Model) Feeder PartsBack To Rola-Chem Chlorinator RC-25/50, RC-100, RC-500 Feeder Parts
Rolachem Plastic Hose Clamp #32 - 525114
Manufacturer#: 525114
Item#: ZROL1027
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