SafeDip Digital Pool Chemistry Tester

Featuring a commercial grade sensor technology and designed to accurately measure your pool or spa’s pH, FC (Free Chlorine), Salt, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), ORP, and water Temperature, The SafeDip is a digital chemistry tester that takes the guesswork out of your pool or spa maintenance routine. The SafeDip does not require the use of test strips or color matching, and displays the most reliable test results in seconds.

SafeDip is user friendly and simple to use-just collect the water from the pool or spa using the onboard cup and press the “start” button to take your measurement. SafeDip has easy push buttons; a large LCD display, and LED light that indicates when it is safe to use your pool or spa.

    Safe Dip pH Buffer 10-pack
    $24.99 Qty.
    SafeDip Digital Pool Chemistry Tester
    Manuf#: A7915
    $199.00 Qty.



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    • Measures pH, FC (Free Chlorine), Salt, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), ORP, Temperature
    • Large digital LCD display
    • Uses AAA battery
    • pH probe-replaceable in seconds
    • Built-in sample cup allows user to retrieve water sample and take water away from pool
    • One point calibration is quick and easy to do
    • Water-resistant housing
    • Probe protector keeps electrodes safe and even has a storage area while taking readings
    • Memory function automatically stores the previous measurement for easy comparison
    • Operating Range: 5 ~ 50 degrees C, 0 ~ 12pH, 0 ~ 999mV (ORP), 1 ~ 80mS (Conductivity)
    • Replaceable pH sensor = resolution: 0.1 pH
    • 1 point pH calibration using 7.00 pH standard buffer
    • Automatic temperature compensation for pH and conductivity
    • Temperature sensor = 1 degree C, Accuracy +/- 20mV (500 ~ 800mV)
    • TDS and SALT = resolution: 100ppm; Accuracy: +/= 100ppm (200 ~ 500ppm)

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