Safety Cover Mates

Safety Cover Mates

A mesh safety pool cover is a terrific investment that adds safety to your pool, but it also allows debris and algae to build up during the winter months.

Defeat Spring Algae with Safety Cover Mate! Install a Safety Cover Mate under your mesh safety cover and catch dirt and block the sunlight that is necessary for algae formation.

Safety Cover Mate floats on the pool water surface and catches silt and fine debris that pass through your mesh safety cover. Safety Cover Mate's black color helps block sunlight, reducing algae growth and reducing costly spring openings!


  • Reduces algae growth
  • Catches silt and other fine debris
  • Reduces filtering time in the spring
  • Lowers the need for additional chemicals in the spring
  • 1 Year Warranty


    Safety Cover Mate 16 X 36 FT
    Manuf#: M1525
    Now $119.99 was $124.99 Qty.
    Safety Cover Mate 18 X 36 FT
    Manuf#: M1530
    Now $127.99 was $134.99 Qty.
    Safety Cover Mate 25 X 45 FT
    Manuf#: M1540
    $319.99 Qty.
    Safety Cover Mate 20 X 40 FT
    Manuf#: M1535
    Now $149.99 was $159.99 Qty.
    Safety Cover Mate 16 X 32 FT
    Manuf#: M1520
    Now $114.99 was $119.99 Qty.
    Safety Cover Mate 30 X 50 FT
    Manuf#: M1545
    $414.99 Qty.
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