Scum Ball

Oils, dirt and waste along with residue from cosmetics and certain hygiene products, combine together and form a scum line around your pool or spa. This scum line is unsightly and negatively affects an otherwise enjoyable swim or spa experience.

A quick and easy solution to preventing scum lines and keeping your pool or spa spotless, comes in the form of the Scum Ball. The scum Ball is a simple and inexpensive, yet innovative product that absorbs 40 times its body weight in oils, lotions, and swimmer waste to prevent the formation of scum lines at the water's edge and to reduce foaming. The Scum Ball is extremely easy to use - just drop it in your pool or spa and let is catch all the nasty monsters that make your spa dirty; when saturated, simply rinse thoroughly to clean and re-use.

Package includes 2 Scum-Balls.

Scum Ball
Manufacturer#: HV-SB2PK
Item#: A2297
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