Skimmer Grille

The Skimmer Grille is an ideal accessory for your skimmer. The Skimmer Grille features a slotted design that blocks large objects like pool toys and floating chlorinators from entering your skimmer and allows for normal water flow and debris intake.

The Skimmer Grille is fast and easy to install-just press in place and your skimmer is protected from large objects.

    Widemouth A/G Skimmer Grille
    Manuf#: G-AGWM-H
    $20.99 Qty.
    Widemouth I/G Skimmer Grille
    Manuf#: G-IGWM-H
    $24.99 Qty.



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    Skimmer Grille-Standard A/G-A7920

    The Skimmer Grille Standard A/G fits: Hayward SP1090, 1091LX, Aquador 1090, Kokido standard, Proline, and others standard skimmer openings.

    Skimmer Grille-Widemouth A/G-A7921

    The Skimmer Grille Widemouth A/G fits: Hayward SP1090WM, Aquador 1010, Proline and other widemouth skimmer openings.

    Skimmer Grille-Widemouth 2 A/G-A7922

    The Skimmer Grille Widemouth 2 A/G fits: Widemouth 2 A/G fits: Hayward 1091WM, Kokido, Olympic/Vogue, Poolstyle PS002, Waterway FloPro II and other widemouth 2 skimmer openings.

    Skimmer Grille-Standard I/G-A7923

    The Skimmer Grille Standard I/G fits: Hayward SP1084, 1089, Aquador 1084, Custom Molded, Pac-Fab/Pentair Bermuda, Sta-Rite/SwimQuip U-3, Waterway Renegade, and other standard skimmer openings.


    Skimmer Grille-Widemouth I/G-A7924

    The Skimmer Grille Widemouth I/G fits: Hayward SP1085, American Products, Aquador 1085, Custom Molded, and other widemouth skimmer openings.


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