SkimSaver Lid'L Seal Inground Pool Skimmer Seal

The In-Ground Pool Lid'L Seal is a winterizing system for your pool skimmer. It helps protect your skimmer from damage due to expanding, freezing water. You no longer have to drain your pool water below the skimmer. This will save you thousands of gallons of water a year.

Just replace your existing skimmer faceplate with the SkimSaver faceplate and snap in the flexible lid.

As a bonus, the Lid'L Guard cover is also included! Keep floating objects out of your skimmer!

Lid'L Seal Standard Kit (includes Lid'L Guard)
Manuf#: IGI200
Item#: A7954
No Longer Available
Lid'L Seal Widemouth Kit (includes Lid'L Guard)
Manuf#: IGI250
Item#: A7956
Lid'L Seal Replacement Lid for Standard IG-200
Manuf#: IGL200
Item#: A7962
No Longer Available
Lid'L Seal Replacement Lid for Widemouth IG-250
Manuf#: IGL250
Item#: A7964
No Longer Available

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