SmartPool-Fafco Connector Kit

SmartPool-Fafco Connector Kit

The SmartPool SunHeater™ solar heating system for above ground pools is designed to raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 10 degrees F or more. It utilizes your existing pool pump to circulate water through the solar collectors, heat it by the sun, and return it to the pool through the existing fitting.

  • For all above ground pools (see sizing chart below)
  • 1 panel 2-ft x 20 ft
  • 2 elbows/hose-connector adapters
  • 2 end caps
  • Connector hose for second collector
  • 2 stainless-steel clamps
  • 1 roll of Teflon® tape

SmartPool-Fafco Connector Kit
Item#: S8120



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    More Features:

    • Can raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 10-degrees F or more
    • Lightweight, durable, and easy to install
    • Can be installed on the roof of your house, shed or cabana, mounted to a rack (mounting kit not included), or simply placed on the ground
    • Raises Pool Water Temperature 10° F (6° C) or More
    • Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation
    • Uses Existing Pool Pump
    • Tube on Web Design for Maximum Exposure to Sun's Rays
    • No Fuel or Electricity Bills or Expensive Installation of Equipment and Connections
    • Easy to Drain for Winterizing
    • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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