SmartPool Scrubber60

This new robotic cleaner is Smartpool's finest unit. It will clean, vacuum & scrub your pool like no other robotic cleaner!

Put the SmartPool Scrubber60 to work in your pool and watch this dynamo go to work. Scrubber60 quickly gobbles up leaves, debris, sand, and acorns and leaves your pool clean and bright. Cleans your swimming pool from floor to waterline!

Compare these quality features:

  • Wider cleaning path for faster cleaning coverage
  • 60' Super Cord with kink resist technology
  • Biggest capacity filter bag in the industry means less emptying
  • Gel-Pro brushes will quickly clean vinyl, fiberglass & concrete pools
  • Intelligent navigation does not require walls to change its direction
  • Dual Direct-Drive Motors give the unit greater traction & pinpoint navigation.
  • Lightweight - weighs only 13 lbs so it is easier to remove from your pool
  • Quick drain system - lets water drain out of unit quickly upon removal from pool
  • Gentle Enough for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools, Rugged Enough for Concrete
  • Runs on safe 12 volts. ETL, CSA & CE approved
  • 2 year Limited Warranty
Direct Command Pool Cleaner w/ Remote Control
Manuf#: NC71RC
Item#: E1338
No Longer Available
Scrubber60 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner
Manuf#: NC71
Item#: E1346
No Longer Available

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Eco FriendlyThe Scrubber60, with its high performance/low energy engineering, uses very little power and costs just pennies to operate! It helps the environment even more by reducing pool chemical consumption and increases water conservation by reducing filter run times and the need to backwash your pool filter.

The Scubber60 Wall is also available as a remote controled unit. The Direct Command has the same features as Scrubber60 with the addition of remote control cleaning. The Direct Command features dual modes of operation; Automatic Cleaning and Manual; with remote control “clean mode” for spot cleaning.

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