SMN 800

Purex-Triton (Pentair)
SMN 800

Purex "800 Series" SMN800 DE Filter Parts

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    1a 8960 A9100

    1/4 inch bottom mount pool filter pressure gauge fits any pool filter or multiport valve that uses a pressure gauge with the threads on the bottom, at 6 o'clock. Fits many Jacuzzi, Hayward, Jandy and Pentair pool filters. Pool filter pressure gauge fits most DE and Cartridge pool filters, however most sand filters use back mount 1/4in pressure gauges, see pn A9105.

    2in x 1/4in Bottom Mount Plastic Case Pressure Gauge for Swimming Pool Filter Systems

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    1b 071982 ZPEN5090 Pentair 1/4in FPT Brass Tee for Purex Pool FIlters  More Info > Now $7.66 was $8.43
    1c 071389 ZPEN5020 Pentair 1/4in x 3in NPT Brass Nipple for Purex D.E. Pool FIlters  More Info > Now $4.15 was $4.57
    1d 01-0126 --- Lid Opener for Purex Filters NLA No Longer Available
    1e 075207Z --- Pentair Filter Air Release Valve Kit .25in NLA No Longer Available
    2 071407 --- Purex Pentair Nut NLA No Longer Available
    4 071404Z ZPEN0013 Pentair 1/4in-20 Stainless Steel Wing Nut for Purex Pool and Spa Filters  More Info > Now $9.99 was $10.99
    5 072173 ZPEN5098 Pentair 5/16in Stainless Steel Washer for Pac-Fab Pool Pumps and Filters  More Info > Now $4.99 was $5.49
    8 07-2968 --- Filter Element 812 Sq. Ft., 9 in. NLA No Longer Available
    8 07-2975 --- Filter Element 840 Sq. Ft., 33 in. NLA No Longer Available
    11 O-85 ZAPC5160 P24250 Purex Tank O-Ring  More Info > Now $6.99 was $7.69
    14 072172 ZPEN5097 Pentair 1/4in Stainless Steel Split Lock Washer for Purex Pool and Spa Filter Equipment  More Info > Now $1.68 was $1.85
    15 072183 ZPEN5100 Pentair 1/4in x 5/8in 20 GA Thick 18-8 Stainless Steel Flat Washer for Purex Pool Filters and Pumps  More Info > Now $1.54 was $1.69
    18 071136Z ZPEN7021 Pentair Clamp Band Plastic Knob (Before 1-1999)  More Info > Now $14.99 was $16.49
    -- MT-101 --- Multi-Tork Band Clamp Knob Removal Tool for Pool Filter Equipment NLA No Longer Available
    --- 071406 ZPEN5067 Pentair 1/4in-20 Hex Head Stainless Steel Nut for Purex Pool Filters and Pumps for Purex Pool Filters and Pumps  More Info > Now $1.54 was $1.69

    Many customers have found item # A9100 to be a suitable replacement for item # 070956. Please note that this is not a direct manufacturer replacement.



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    Please allow 10-14 business days to receive special order items.

    All Purex DE pool filter parts and listed swimming Pool Filter Spares are original replacement parts for 800 Series Pool Filters by Purex (owned by Pentair)

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