Solaxx NUVO 3000 In Ground UV System

Enjoy healthy water and eliminate the danger of infectious diseases like E.coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium with the power of UV. The power of UV destroys the harmful bacteria as water passes through the NUVO Sterilization Chamber to keep it clean and clear. Not only does NUVO make maintenance a breeze, it also helps you save on chemical costs – now that is a total winner.

NUVO is easy to install by plumbing the in-line chamber to your existing filtration system, and comes with 2" unions with adaptors for flex hose, standard 110/115 plug.


  • Works in in-ground pools
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria
  • UV protection
  • Reduces chemical use
  • Installs easily
Solaxx NUVO 3000 In Ground UV System
Manufacturer#: UV3000A
Item#: A2352
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