Hayward Light Niches

Hayward Underwater Pool Light Niche Parts POOL and SPA LIGHT PARTS Model SP 600 Underwater Light Niche Parts

No. Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:
--- SPX0506D ZHAY0175 Hayward Spx0506d Light Gasket Spx0506d
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--- SPX0507A1 ZHAY5855 Hayward Spx0507a1 Frame, Front Sealing- Plastic
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--- SPX0507D ZHAY5856 Hayward Spx0507d Back Frame Ring Spx0507d
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--- SPX0555Z2 ZHAY5861 Hayward Screw, Lower Mounting Screw for Hayward Light
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--- SPX0600BC --- Elbow & Bushing set NLA No Longer Available
--- SPX0600G ZHAY5872 Hayward Spx0600g Grounding Bracket for Top - Spx0600g
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--- SPX0600GA --- Bottom Mounting Bracket w/ Screws NLA No Longer Available
--- SPX0607Z1A ZHAY5873 Hayward Screw Set, 1.5 Self-Tapping (607) - Spx0607z1a
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 All Hayward  Pool Lighting Parts are New, Original Hayward Replacement Pool Light Parts for SP0507

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