Spa-2-Go Portable Spa and Hot Tub

Spa-2-Go Portable Spa and Hot Tub

Spa-2-Go Portable Spa and Hot Tub
Item#: Q2055



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    You can enjoy your Spa2Go in just minutes after opening! Plug into a standard 110v outlet, inflate, and fill from a garden hose. The pump motor will inflate the spa in 10 minutes and the pump system includes a filter to help the water remains clean and fresh. Want hotter or cooler water? Adjust your water temperature up to 104° F with the touch of a button with the Spa2Go's digital thermostatic control panel. Spa2Go includes a built-in seat, cushioned side panels for reclining and relaxing, and a locking cover for child safety. Spa2Go is made of durable K80 vinyl, the same material that white water rafts are made from to deflect pulling, tearing, and punctures.


    • Seating for four adults
    • Outside Diameter 74" (w/ powerpak, 98")
    • Inner Diameter 58"
    • Height 28"
    • 250 gallon capacity
    • 1.3 HP Turbo Wave Massage System
    • 127 Micro-Air Jets
    • 15 sq.ft. Filtration system
    • Heats water up to 104° F
    • Insulair Locking Thermal Cover Included
    • Thermostatically Controlled 1kw Heater
    • Built-in seats, cushioned side panels for reclining comfort

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    Spa setup 1


    Step 1

    Unfold the Liner of your Spa-2-Go;

    spread it out into a flat position.

    Spa setup 2


    Step 2

    Connect the inflator hose (included)

    to the power-pack on the air blower

    side (right) to inflate the Spa. Inflate

    the three valves, plus the interior floor.

    Spa setup 3


    Step 3

    Connect all three power-pack fittings

    to the Spa (hand tighten only!). Then

    fill your Spa, using a garden hose.


    Spa setup 4


    Step 4

    Use the inflator hose (included) to

    inflate the insulation bladder.

    Spa setup 5


    Step 5

    Place the inflated insulation bladder

    over the filled Spa. Push down on all

    sides to ensure a tight fit.

    Spa setup 6


    Step 6

    Place the top over the Spa; line up

    the eight cover locks.

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