Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner

Spa filters are quite useful for removing pollutants from your spa but they are also susceptible to clogging, making them inefficient and less likely to keep your water as clean as it should be. It is very important to clean your spa filter on regular basis to keep it working efficiently and maintaining crystal clear spa water.

Our Spa Filter Cleaner has been formulated specifically for cleaning Spa filters. This Liquid Spa Filter Cleaner eliminates grease, body oils, lotions and other pollutants from your Spa filter to improve efficiency,extend your filter's life and keep your water safe and healthy.

Our Spa Filter Cleaner comes in a convenient nozzle bottle and is simple to use-just remove the filter from the Spa, pre-mix the cleaner with water and soak filter for 10-12 hours; rinse and let dry-you have a clean and clear filter. Recommended Dosage is 8 oz. per 1.25 gallons of water.

Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner
Item#: Y5660
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