Spa Cover Cap

Featuring a durable polyethylene construction, the Spa Cover Cap is an innovative product that protects your thermal spa cover from damage and prolongs its life. The Spa Cover Cap virtually seals out rain, snow, dirt, and debris and keeps your Spa Cover in an immaculate condition.

Available in Silver, the Spa Cover Cap has a 12” overlap and can be stretched for a snug fit.


  • Durable woven polyethylene construction
  • Protects thermal spa cover from harsh weather
  • Keeps your spa cover looking like new
  • Stretches for a snug fit
  • Available in Silver
    Spa Cover Cap - 8ft x 8ft x12
    Manuf#: CAP96X96-12
    $79.99 Qty.
    Spa Cover Cap - 7ft x 8ft x 12in
    Manuf#: CAP84x96-12
    $74.99 Qty.
    Spa Cover Cap - 80in Round X 12
    Manuf#: CAP80RND-12
    $64.99 Qty.
    Spa Cover Cap - 7ft x 7ft x12in
    Manuf#: CAP84X84-12
    $69.99 Qty.
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