Spa Cover Saver

Save your spa cover from chemical damage and prolong its life with the Spa Cover Saver that is designed especially for protecting your expensive spa cover.

The Spa Cover Saver floats on the surface of your spa water and helps to reduce water loss via evaporation thus conserving heat and chemicals in your spa. Made from closed cell insulating foam with a layer of advanced polymer, the Spa Cover Saver is resistant to chemical and moisture absorption which aids in keeping your spa cover safe from damage and extending its life.

The Spa Cover can be removed and stored easily, and can be trimmed to fit spa covers of any shape and size.

Spa Cover Saver 6'x7'
Item#: Q1100
No Longer Available
Spa Cover Saver 7'x7'
Manuf#: CS88X74
Item#: Q1102
No Longer Available
Spa Cover Saver 7'x8'
Manuf#: CS88X96
Item#: Q1104
No Longer Available

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  • Made from closed cell insulating foam
  • Helps prevent chemical and heat loss
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals
  • Protects spa cover from damage
  • Saves money and energy
  • Can be trimmed easily
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