Spa Frog Mineral Sanitizer Spa Care Mineral Stick

Spa Frog is a new way to purify water with a natural approach that reduces chemical use. The best news is that Spa Frog is compatible with most sanitization products on the market, including bromine, chlorine and non-chlorine shocks. With just a smidgen of chemical support, your spa care is complete with no bleached swimming suits, skin irritation or smelly fumes. Spa Frog works great with ozonators too!

Spa Frog knows that your number one priority is relaxation. Its unique patented blend of minerals work together to make your water softer, safer and sparkling clear. To keep you relaxing, Spa Frog works on eliminating bacteria and preventing algae growth while helping to neutralize acid, keeping the pH of your spa in a safe range with less monitoring. Spa Frog does all this while using 50% less bromine or chlorine meaning less irritations from itchy red eyes, dry skin, faded swimsuits, and premature damage to spa equipment and surfaces.

Spa Frog Mineral Sanitizer Spa Care Mineral Stick
Manufacturer#: 01-14-3712
Item#: A2590



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    For four full months, the Spa Frog works inside your filter cartridge or skimmer with no electricity and no hassles. It even has an easy-to-set dial as a reminder to replace it.

    • Fits in most suction side or pressure side filters
    • Handles up to a 600 gallon spa
    • Lasts 4 months
    • Easy to set reminder dial for product replacement
    • To be used in conjunction with a low bromine or low chlorine support and ozone if desired
    • Pump and filter should be run for at least 3 hours per day

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