Spa Light Assembly

Spa Light Assembly

jandy Spa Light Assembly andReplacement Parts

    No. Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:
    4 R0400300 ZZOD5839

    Bulb Kit: 25 Watt, G4 Capsule - 12 Volt AC *
    (two bulbs in kit, eight bulbs required per light)

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    5 R0400400 ZZOD5840 Jandy Light Dichroic Assembly  More Info > $119.24
    6 R0400500 ZZOD5841 Jandy Light Silicone Gasket  More Info > $20.16
    7 R0400600 ZZOD5842 Jandy Light Glass Lens  More Info > $43.00
    8 R0400700 ZZOD5843 Jandy Light Clamp Assembly  More Info > $26.01
    9 R0400800 ZZOD5844 Jandy Light Face Ring  More Info > $54.92
    10 R0400900 ZZOD5845 Pilot Screw with Captive Washer Assembly  More Info > $13.81


    When replacing bulbs, we recommend replacement of all eight bulbs plus the silicon gasket while the light is out of the water.

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