Spa METALfree

Spa METALfree deactivates iron, copper and other problem causing trace metals commonly found in spa fill water. Metal ions create water problems like scaling, staining and discoloration. Many municipal water sources have high metal content. It is strongly recommended that you use Spa METALfree when topping up or re-filling your spa.

METALfree contains highly effective and powerful chelating agents but does not raise the phosphate level in your water and its performance is not affected by pH or temperature. Spa METALfree is made from natural ingredients and its environmentally friendly natures makes it compatible with all spa surfaces and cleaners.

Directions: 4 oz. per 400 gallons of water after initial fill up and after re-filling your spa.

Spa METALfree will NOT add phosphates to the spa water.

    Spa Metal Free - 1 Liter Bottle
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    Spa Metal Free - 2 Liters (Two 1 Liter Bottles)
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