Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa with Pump and Filter

Peace, tranquility, and relaxation are available at the fraction of the cost of a traditional spa with The Spa-N-A-Box.

The Spa-N-A-Box is a portable spa that sets up in about 20 minutes, plugs into a regular household outlet, and can be used indoors or outdoors. The Spa-N-A-Box features a digital thermostat that can be set to heat your spa up to a rejuvenating 104F, turbo wave massage system that provides hydrotherapy benefits to relieve those aches and pains, and can seat up to five adults.

Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa with Pump and Filter
Item#: Q2060
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  • Simple and fast to set up; no special plumbing or wiring needed
  • Plugs into standard 120v household outlet
  • Digital temperature control with topside read-out
  • Compressed foam side panels with wood design
  • 1000-watt heater with freeze protection
  • Inflatable Thermo locking Cover
  • 1 HP Turbo Wave Massage System
  • 110V ground fault circuit protector
  • 280 gallon capacity
  • Outside diameter 73 (6 feet) inches (flat side to flat side)
  • Height: 27 inches with cover
  • Includes filtration system, starter set of filters and thermal insulated cover
  • Owner's manual
  • One-year limited warranty
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The Spa-N-A-Box Sets Up In 4 Easy Steps

1. Slide the pre-fit spa side walls together.

Spa setup 1

2. Insert the bottom liner pad. Then drop in the custom liner and snap it into place.

Spa setup 2

3. Place the control unit in place. A hand-turned fitting connects the built-in jets to the pump and heater unit. Start filling the spa with water.

Spa setup 3

4. The spa holds up to 300 gallons of water. You and your family will be enjoying your own relaxing spa in no time!

Spa setup 4

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