Sparkle Plus Pool Clarifier for Sand Filters

Sparkle Plus Pool Clarifier for Sand Filters

Sparkle Plus is an extremely effective, yet affordable, pool water clarifier. By grouping fine debris and algae together, pool water clarifiers help your pool’s filter to remove these unwanted contaminants. Sparkle Plus water clarifier for swimming pools improves filtration for up to 4 weeks so that you can maintain pristine swimming water.

While not compatible with D.E. filters, Sparkle Plus pool water clarifier can be used in most swimming pools to ensure optimal water quality.


  • Just place this cube in your pool skimmer basket to help clear cloudy water.
  • Helps remove phosphates (algae's main food source) from the water to prevent algae blooms.
  • The cube completely dissolves, removing suspended particles from the water and depositing them into your sand filter bed.
  • Even when totally dissolved, the active ingredients continue to work for up to 4 weeks!
  • Helps reduce pool chemical costs while maintaining sparkling clear water.
  • Each Sparkle Plus cube treats up to 30,000 gallons of pool water.


    Sparkle Plus Pool Water Clarifier - 1 Cube
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    Sparkle Plus Pool Water Clarifier - 2 Cubes
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