SpaRx Natural Mineral Purifier

SpaRx Natural Mineral Purifier

Use the power of natural minerals to eliminate algae and lower your chemical use with the SpaRx Natural Mineral Purifier.

SpaRx Natural Mineral Purifier contains zinc which not only prevents scaling and staining of pool surfaces but also polishes your water and keeps it sparkling.

SpaRx Natural Mineral Purifier is easy to use-simply place the small basket inside your cartridge core or bromine dispenser and add half the amount of Bromine or Chlorine that you normally would-and you got yourself healthy, clear and sparkling spa water.

    SpaRx Natural Mineral Purifier, 400 - 1000 Gallons
    Manuf#: 101055
    No Longer Available
    SpaRX Mineral Purifier 100-400 Gallons
    Manuf#: 101057
    No Longer Available



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    • No installation or tools needed
    • Lasts 6 months
    • Cuts costs of all other chemicals up to 50%
    • Kills and controls algae and bacteria
    • Zinc keeps spa surface from scaling
    • Product unaffected by sunlight or heat
    • Less skin irritation and suit deterioration

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