Square Flange Pool Pump Motor 3 Hp 3 Ph 56y Frame 1 Sp

Square Flange Pool Pump Motor 3 Hp 3 Ph 56y Frame 1 Sp


56Y / 48Y Frame56Y / 48Y Frame

Features: All copper windings, open drip proof, 303 Stainless Steel Threaded Shaft, Sealed Ball Bearings, 50C Ambient, 60 HZ

ThreadedShaft Square Flange Pool & Spa Pump Motor56Yframe Square Flange motors (Centurion / Magnetek) are 1/2 wider (bodydiameter) than 48Y frame (AO Smith motors) with Identical hole Spacings onthe Flange. They are inter-changeable.Has a Square Flange or Face, with 4 - Non Threaded bolt holes at 1, 5, 7 and 11 O'Clock. Shaft is threaded on the end. No attached Base. 48Y frame motors ship with a rubber spacer for use when replacing a 56Yframe motor. 56Y / 48Y Framemotor with a Square Flange & Threaded Shaft. Used on Challenger, UltraFlow, Whisperflo, Anthony pumps, Max-E-Glas, Dura-Glas, Dyna-Max Sta-Ritepumps.New pump motorsmade by AO SMITH (2 SPEED - Magnetek)

Replace your shaft seal (below) whenever you replace your motor. 115Vmotors can only be wired with 110-120V; 230V motors can only bewired with 208-245V. Reversible motors ( 115/230V ) will come factory wired for 230V. You must switch the motor to Low voltage before connecting 115V power. Wiring incorrectly willburn out a new pool motor!All motors are factory testedbefore shipment. Most motors returned as defective have been mis-wired,and are not accepted as returns. Please wire with care, and please call if you have questions!

Square Flange Pool Pump Motor 3 Hp 3 Ph 56y Frame 1 Sp
Manufacturer#: Q3302V1
Item#: ZAOS1022

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