Sun Cliner Water Hammock

The Sun Cliner Pool Hammock is ultimate in offering comfort and relaxation in the swimming pool. Constructed from soft pods made from recycled foam, Sun Cliner Pool Hammock can be used in your pool as a chair or recliner.

The Sun Cliner Pool hammock is totally moldable and can be positioned to cradle your body so you can spend hours relaxing in your pool without feeling uncomfortable or sore.


  • Does not require inflating
  • Includes a grommet for storage
  • Measures 50” x 21”.
  • Available in yellow and aquamarine


Sun Cliner Water Hammock - Yellow
Manuf#: 8200012
Item#: T1580
Sun Cliner Water Hammock - Aquamarine
Manuf#: 8200028
Item#: T1582
No Longer Available

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