Super Duper Dipper

Use the Super Duper Dipper to float or lounge around in your swimming pool. Made from recycled foam with a vinyl coating, this oversized dipper is great for both kids and grown-ups. Super Duper Dipper is made with lightweight material that is easy to clean and offers great support and floatability at the same time.

Jumbo Neo Noodles, in 5 inch and 7 inch diameter, come in assorted colors, measure 48' long, and can float up to 250 lbs. These aren't your grandfather's pool noodles!

Super Duper Dipper - Aquamarine
Manuf#: 8614028
Item#: T1584
No Longer Available
Super Duper Dipper - Lime Green
Manuf#: 8614039
Item#: T1586
No Longer Available

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  • Measure 7" x 47"
  • Available in Lime Green and Aquamarine
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